Disney Parks



Disney Parks

As a Product Designer at the Walt Disney Company, I’ve had the opportunity to create user experiences for the Disneyland and Walt Disney World web and mobile platforms. I’ve partnered with product managers, developers, copywriters, content strategists, and designers to bring these projects to life. My experience can be summarized as follows…


Food & Beverage

Crafted engaging and scalable experiences, interaction flows, and pixel-perfect UI specs. Also planned and conducted user testing to create data-informed e-commerce flows.

Visual System

Worked with broader design team and leadership to establish an org-wide system for design patterns.

Disney Squad

Pitched 3 new features to Leadership for the Disneyland and My Disney Experience apps.

Due to my NDA, I’m unable to share any projects until they launch. If you have any questions about my experience, please message me at xhaotrieu@gmail.com.



Disney Squad

My teammate and I were selected to present these 3 features to leadership as a part of a hack day-like event. We noticed, from both research and our experience going to the parks, that there were a lot of opportunities on the app for real-time group coordination.

I’m unable to show specifics of the project on this page but would love to share it with you in an interview setting! In the meantime, here’s a preview of the 3 features we presented.


Meet Up

This feature makes it easy for large groups to sync up with each other even after they separate. Simply browse the map or search for an exact location and drop the pin to set the meet up location.


Real-Time Polls

When going to the parks in a big group, it’s often difficult to decide on what to do next when there are so many opinions. This feature expedites that decision process, gives everyone in the group a voice, and lets guests decide on their next activity with those who have similar interests.


Status Updates

This feature makes it easy for guests to update their group on where they are or if they’re skipping out on a certain activity. They can simply press “update status” and choose from several quick status choices, making this process much smoother and diminishes the need to switch between apps to send message updates.


My Role

User Research


Hi-Fidelity UI Designs

Presentation Deck

Sketches & Wireframing

Storyboard / User Journey

I conducted the user research and market analysis for this project to determine user needs on our apps. I contributed in the sketching, whiteboarding, wireframing, iteration of designs, and creation of hi-fidelity visual designs of these features. I also created a big portion of the presentation deck to present to leadership (reviewing and refining it with my teammate as we went along). During that process, I put a lot of thought into storytelling, storyboarding, and using visuals to convey the user journey and user scenarios.


This project taught me a tremendous amount about business needs and product strategy, and sharpened my storytelling and presentation skills. It was an incredible opportunity to go above and beyond my day-to-day responsibilities and present forward-thinking solutions to the design team.