Play App (Game Card Re-Design)



Game Card Redesign

As a Product Designer at the Walt Disney Company, I redesigned the UI and interaction patterns for all of the In-Queue game cards on the Play Disney Parks App. These cards are the entry points into all of our interactive games (a key feature on our app), providing a description of the games, information on how to unlock them, and an overview of the achievements you’ve earned so far. The goal of this project was to improve readability, create a scalable design to account for new app content, and implement a new media gallery feature within the game card. The screen below showcases the original card design (on the left) and the updated one (on the right).

The media gallery is currently in development so I’m not able to show it on this page. I’m also unable to show any process work or specifics of my process due to my NDA. Please contact me at if you have any questions.


My Role

Interaction Design


UI / Visual Design

Framer Prototype

Market Research

UI Specifications

Our Goal

Bolster up more game features and information on the gamecard, provide larger real estate to accommodate those needs, allow for ease in reading, and create a media gallery for visual context.

My Process

Collaborating across offices with a Product Designer on my team (him in Glendale and me in Seattle), we spearheaded this project from start to finish. Our process can be briefly summarized as follows…

  • Understand and specify business goals, user needs, and technology capabilities

  • Analyze and apply those goals to wireframes and multiple rounds of design iterations

  • Evaluate hi-fi designs against our goals and finalize them

  • Create UI specifications and documentation for hand-off to our developers, collaborating with them to assure that the experience is implemented accurately

Throughout the process, we reviewed our designs with Product Managers, the design team, developers, and design leadership - participating in many product strategy discussions and contributing our thoughts to the overall strategy of our app.


I gained extremely valuable experience in documenting and shipping a product, working on it from end-to-end. On top of sharpening my skills in interaction, wireframing, and prototyping — I also learned a tremendous amount about product strategy and designing for accessibility. This project also required me to think deeply about any possible content we might implement in the future, strengthening my skills in designing for scalability.