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Onboarding Experience

As a Product Designer at the Walt Disney Company, I had the opportunity to create the first onboarding experience for the Play Disney Parks App to help increase user engagement. Before this initiative, users would be directed straight to our gameboards after launching the app and turning on permissions (such as bluetooth and location services). It was often confusing for them to know what to do next. This onboarding flow provides a fun way to alleviate that, highlighting and describing our key experiences to guests both in the parks and at home.

Due to my NDA, I’m unable to show my full process or any specifics of my process on this page. I’d love to share it with you in an interview setting!


My Role



UI / Visual Designs

Presentation Decks

Interaction Design

Product Design

Our Goal

Provide a fun way to help guests get started on the app, highlighting and describing our key experiences to guests both at home and in the parks

Process Overview

I co-led this 4-5 week project from start to finish, reviewing my designs with our Lead Product Designer throughout the process. I created illustrations completely from scratch and leveraged some existing ones to create new compositions. My process can be summarized as follows…

  • Understand and specify business goals and user needs

  • Analyze and brainstorm possible solutions for those goals through market research and wireframes, advocating for the user the whole way through

  • Collaborate with our developer, animator, and copywriter to work in parallel with them

  • Create many iterations of visual designs

  • Evaluate hi-fi designs against our goals and finalize them

  • Hand-off to our developers, collaborating with them to assure that the experience is implemented accurately

Throughout the process, I often met with our developer to understand technical possibilities and limitations, and worked in parallel with our animator and copywriter to voice those technicalities and consider our copy needs while designing. I also shared design progress with our Design and Product Management teams several times a week, receiving and implementing feedback to make this experience the best it could be.


This project allowed me to co-lead and deliver an end-to-end product, strengthening my skills in communicating design concepts and estimating project scope to team members of different disciplines. It also strengthened my skills in advocating for and explaining the value of certain design decisions - such as the addition of animation to our project scope. This helped me push the boundaries of the project and create the best possible experience for the guest.